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Pupil's Work

2nd Class – English Writing

2nd class wrote about a "Special Meal" in English last week. They read them out to the class and videos can be seen on our Facebook page.

Grace’s Sugar Snap Peas

Grace brought in sugar snap peas this week for lunch that she had grown herself at home. Well done!

Shared Reading

5th class joined up with Junior Infants this week for Shared reading.

3rd and 4th  Class - Minibeasts

3rd and 4th class created  their own Minibeasts using clay.

2nd Class Summer Art

They created Underwater Divers using pastels and Sandcastles using watercolour paints and salt.

Growing Tomatoes

For the past few weeks Junior Infants, Senior Infants 1st and 2nd Class have all be growing tomatoes in the classroom. They got to take home their tomato plants last week. We hope that they will continue to grow and the children will have nice big juicy  tomatoes to eat.

Summer Sun

3 rd and 4 th class took  a well deserved break from the classroom last Tuesday to enjoy the wonderful sunshine.

Peer Teaching

Senior Infants were learning from and teach one another in English last week as part of peer teaching.

1st Class Science Experiment

1st Class looked at all the parts of an egg.
They poured vinegar into a jar containing an egg.
They predicted what the effect of the vinegar and water on eggs might be.
They are all excited to find out the results.

Junior and Senior Infants - Gardening

Junior and Senior Infants have been learning all about the parts of a plant and what plants need to grow in Science.
Last week they planted tomatoes seeds in individual cups and are watching them grow on the class window.
They also planted two flower boxes for the school windows.

2nd Class - History

2nd class were learning all about artefacts in History last week.
They all brought in their own artefacts to show to the class – an item that they had when they were younger. They brought in everything from their first pair of shoes to their first teddy bear and much much more.
They wrote about the artefact for homework and some short video clips are on our Facebook page to view.

Irish – Role Play

The Junior and Senior Infants were having a picnic in Irish all last week.

1st Class Maths - Weight

1st class are learning all about weight in Maths this week. They are estimating,  weighing and comparing a various classroom items all week.

Junior Infants - Maths

Junior Infants are learning all about capacity in Maths this week.
Today they were describing if the jar was full/empty, half full/empty or nearly full/empty.
They were estimating how many cups/eggs cups of water a container would need.
Some videos of the children measuring the water are available on the school Facebook page.

Junior and Senior Infants – Sea Monsters

Junior and Senior Infants showed their sea monsters to the rest of the class today.
They described what the sea monster can do and what it is called.
Then the Sea Monsters got to go home with them.

Junior and Senior Infants – Sea Monsters

Junior and Senior Infants created Sea Monsters in art today using clay.
Next week once the monsters are dry they show them to the rest of the class and explain what they can do.

2nd Class - Gardening

2nd class have been busy this week growing tomatoes and setting their window boxes.

Danny went to the Aviva

Danny told his class on Monday all about his trip to the Aviva to support Munster. He brought in the match day programme and ticket for everyone to see.

3rd and 4 th Class – Classroom Agreement

As part of the Stay Safe Programme 3rd and 4th  class came up with this agreement for their class. They have all agreed and promise to try not to break it.

Hatching Easter Chicks

Junior and Senior Infants made wonderful Hatching Easter Chicks in art last week.

3rd and 4th  Class - P.E.

3rd and 4th class made  great use of our new basketballs and basketball hoops in P.E. yesterday.

Happy Easter From 2nd Class

2nd class created Happy Easter Chicks in Art last week.

1st Class Art - Weaving

1st class were weaving with paper and ribbon in art last week.

Junior and Senior Infants – Nature Walk

Miss O’Mahony and the Infants took advantage of the lovely weather yesterday and went on a nature walk. They walked all around the school, the church and the church car park looking  for all the different signs of Spring.

1st Class - English Writing

For English last week, 1 st class wanted to share with their classmates how much they love their mothers. They wrote about some of the many things their mothers do for them  every day and read it out to the class.

Junior and Senior Infants – Stay Safe

Yesterday as part of the Stay Safe Programme Junior and Senior Infants did circle time. The topic was bullying. The children identified what bullying  is, discussed what they would do if they were bullied and identified all the people they could tell. They split into groups of three and role-play what they would do if someone was bullying them.

2nd Class – Stay Safe

As part of the Stay Safe Programme 2nd class have been discussing friendship and how they can be a good  friend. Together they came up with a classroom agreement on how they can show kindness and respect to others.

2nd Class - P.E.

2nd class were delighted to try out our new basketballs yesterday. They did a range of basketball drills and games for P.E.

2nd Class Art

St. Patrick’s Day:
2nd class made some St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks

Artist Laurel Birch
2nd class drew cats in chalk and oil pastels inspired by the artist Laurel Birch.

Celtic Art
2nd class studied the artwork and lettering in the Book of Kells. They designed their own Celtic Knots and decorated the letters of their names.

3rd and 4th  Class – St. Patrick’s Day

3rd and 4th Class are  preparing for St. Patrick’s Day by colouring Celtic Knotted Shamrocks with oil pastels.
They are also singing; "Hail Glorious St. Patrick" and "Dóchas Linn Naomh Pádraig"

Junior and Senior Infants - Art

Junior and Senior Infants created snakes for St. Patrick’s Day. A big thank you to the 6th class  boys who helped the Infants to cut out their snakes.

3rd and 4th  Class - Maths

3rd and 4th Class were  exploring 3 dimensional shapes outside in this beautiful Spring weather.

1st Class

1st class did weaving in Art last week.

Junior and Senior Infanst - Aister

After hours and days of fun and adventures the Junior and Senior Infants’ rocket is starting to fall apart. Therefore the Infants are busy creating  a new vehicle for the teddy bears to travel around in and have their adventures. After voting they decided that they wanted to create an Ice Cream Van.

Construction started on the Ice Cream Van last Wednesday and the Infants hope to have it on the road and ready to have adventures with next week. Miss O’Mahony can’t wait to hear what they will do and where they will go.

2nd Class – Pop Art

2nd Class did Valentine’s Hearts in the style of Morris Burton a famous American Pop Artist  who has done a lot of drawing work for Pepsi, Heinz and the television programme "Friends"

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