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Parish and History

Our Parish

Knockdum Fort

Near the school is "Knockdrum" stone fort. This is situated on top of Knockdrum Hill. It was used during Bronze Age times and indeed much  later ,as a secure and safe place to live in. They could see the enemy ships coming into Castletownshend Harbour from the hill-top view. It's fairly large with a thick stone wall surrounding it. There are a number of carved stones around the entrance  of the fort and an underground passage inside (sou-terrain). This was used for escape in the case of attack. Legend says it leads under the ground, down to a nearby lake.

3 Fingers

Our school area is one which is rich in history. On  a hill to the east of the school stands the "Three Fingers". These are 3 standing stones. Long ago there used to be 5 standing stones but one fell and another was removed to the village of Castletownshend a few hundred years ago. It is believed to be  in the garden of "Speranza". It is said that these were Giant's Fingers-Fionn MacCumhaill's, others say that they were part a sundial to tell the time in the past.

Our Location

The school is located approximately 60km from Cork  City.
The nearest town Skibbereen is 4km away.
St Barrahane's Catholic Church is directly across the road from the school.
Our nearest village is Castletownshend which is 1km further along the R596.

Contact us: Castletownshend  National School
Co. Cork

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